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Beautiful, healthy puppies are ready for a loving home!

Pat's Precious Puppies of South Carolina

Puppy Questions

Am I allowed to visit my puppy?

I will allow a visit before your puppy is old enough to go to it's new home.A puppy needs to be around 4 weeks old to schedule a visit. Please limit your visit to 45 minutes. Puppies are still nursing and I don't want to upset the puppies and their Moms.

If you schedule a time to visit and unable to keep your appointment, please call asap to cancel

Can I see he parents of my puppy? 

I don't allow visiting the parents because Moms are easy to get upset when they have new babies and I want to keep my Moms stress free and possibly hurting a puppy unattentionaly.Parents pictures are on my web site for viewing.

At what age can I take my puppy home?

Puppies need to be at least 7 weeks old before they go to a new loving home.I give all puppies their first shot at 6 weeks old if they weigh at least a pound. Puppies need to be monitored for a day to make sure they don't have a reaction from the shot.Puppies have to be eating puppy food well on their own before they can go to a new home. This allows for a smoother transition from our home to yours.

 How big will my puppy get?

Sorry we don't take a deposit on a puppy before they are born.

Do you have a payment plan ?

 Sorry, we don't have a payment plan. Balance is due when a puppy is picked up.

Can I get updated pictures on my puppy?

Please don't ask for updated pictures every few days.Pictures are usually updated on my web site every couple weeks or as our time is allowed.