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Beautiful, healthy puppies are ready for a loving home!

Pat's Precious Puppies of South Carolina


Health Guarantee.

At the time of sale a puppy is in good health to the best of my knowledge.All puppies will get their

first puppy shot Vanguard Plus 5 at 6 weeks old by the seller.Puppies will be wormed with Panacur

starting at 2 weeks, 3,4,6,8 weeks.All puppies must have a complete health exam by a licensed Vet.

of your choice within 3 business days after purchased. A puppy hasn't been Vet checked prior to sale.It is wise to

call ahead and make an appointment with your Vet.Seller will not be responsible if you allow your Vet

to give the puppy a shot under three weeks from date the seller gave a shot.Shots given too close can

make your puppy very sick.A copy of the Vets puppy exam, not the bill must be mailed back to the

seller within 7 business days for this guarantee to be valid.

The puppy has a 6 months guarantee on congential defects.If the puppy develops a condition that

dates back from the fetal stage and this condition would severely impact the quality of life,the puppy

will be replaced.The puppy has to be returned to to seller with registration paper within 48 hours

 upon the Vet's health findings.

In case of death an autopsy stating the cause of death will be required at buyers expense to get a

replacement puppy of same gender and breed.No money refund, or replacement of a puppy

until puppy registration paper is returned to seller.

There is no guarantee the puppy ability to breed or adult size, color, over or under bite, undescended

testicles,and temperament.

The following conditions are the buyers responsibility, and not covered by this guarantee.

1-All Veterinarian expense.

2-Compatibility with other pets.

3-Allergic reactions to purchased puppy or people.

4-Any abuse to puppy , mishandling, dropping & etc.

5-This puppy can become stressed if overplayed, becomes chilled, don't eat or drink water regular,

get proper rest, and this can trigger Hypoglycamina, Low Blood Sugar, and this can also trigger

coccidia, and Glarida.When you notice a change in your puppy's appearance, or mood take your

puppy to the Vet asap. for treatment.This could cause death if not treated.

There are certain disorders that may be caused by environmental factors such as allergies, parasites

thyroid dysfunctions, domestic mange.These disorders are not covered by the guarantee.

Buyer understands that this guarantee is null, and voided if these terms and conditions are not

fulfilled by the buyer.

Guarantee is null and void if puppy is transferred to another person.

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