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Beautiful, healthy puppies are ready for a loving home!

Pat's Precious Puppies of South Carolina

Welcome to Pat's Precious Puppies. I hope you will take time to visit my website and check out the different breeds I have. Maybe you will find that precious puppy you have been wanting.

When purchasing a puppy and putting down a deposit you can make an appointment to visit and choose the puppy of your choice or make a choice over the phone and

mail your deposit and receive a receipt by e mail.This is your choice.Puppies are shown by an appointment only.

Please don't schedule an appointment to come see a puppy or to pick up a puppy if you have a cold or the flu. I have to take care of my dogs and don't need someone

coming around sick and making me sick! A deposit is nonrefundable if a person changes their mind about getting a puppy after a deposit has been made.

Deposit can be made with a cashier check, or money order

payable to Patricia Miles, 1500, Saddle Club Rd. Ridgeway, SC.29130. Be sure to inclose your e mail address and when I receive your deposit, I will e mail you a receipt.

Email address [email protected]

Home phone 803-438-0758

Hours Monday thru Friday11:00 am. 4:00 pm. Excludes our doctors appointments.

Saturday 10:00 am .to 2:00pm.

Holidays closed, July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year.

Methods of payments Cashier check, Money order, Cash.

No personal checks or credit cards accepted!

You can see the parents of the puppies on the Mom, and Dad pages. I won't upset the Moms by showing her with her puppies. Most Moms will become upset about her puppies being around strangers.

Puppies are registered with Continental Kennel Club.

I require a $100. deposit to hold a puppy of your choice. The deposit amount is included in the total price of a puppy. If a puppy was to become sick or a death occurs your deposit will be refunded. Other wise a deposit is non refundable. Please read the health guarantee.I will hold a puppy until 9 weeks old. After 9 weeks old there will be a charge of $10.00 per day until your puppy is picked up.

Sometimes I will have limited kennel space. It depends on how many litters I have.

Sorry I will no longer have the guest book page. I keep having some people that are trying to sell sexual items and I'm not paying for a website for some people to put their ads on that are unwanted on my website.

Attention updated information on 7/21/21No phone calls after 8:00 pm.

 I have decided to no longer have a waiting list for people to sign on and wait for the puppy breed of their choice to be born. I don't have time to answer lots of e mails, phone calls,taking pictures of puppies and people on a waiting list wanting to know when , what breed, and how many puppies are going to be in a litter and their colors. I will post on my website when I have puppies available .Please don't call and ask when the next litter is due. I will update when puppies are born. I appreciate your understanding in this matter. God Bless You.